Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualisation has evolved significantly since its introduction in the IT technology space. A virtual infrastructure is a software-based IT infrastructure being hosted on a physical infrastructure. The physical infrastructure could be your own purchased hardware or in someone else’s hardware.

Virtual infrastructure allows to build for enterprise-level technology for organizations and removes the need of allocating dedicated hardware for dedicated application. This utilises physical server resources to host logical or virtual servers and networking hardware in order to optimize resources and drive costs down by hosting multiple dedicated virtual servers for dedicated application all in a single host server or a cluster made up of a host server.

Benefits of a virtual infrastructure:

· Scalable – Allows provisioning of as many or little virtual dedicated or clustered server an application requires. Allows for the use of             environmental isolation.

· Flexible – Allows for multiple server and networking configurations as compared to a hardwired physical infrastructure, which requires more capital and effort to change.

· Secure – Allows more security to be layered on top of whatever security is already present in the virtual infrastructure because all traffic to the virtual infrastructure goes through the actual physical infrastructure.

· Load balancing – Allows software-based servers to share workloads easily and distribute them properly so that no single logical server is on constant resource load more than the others.

· Backup and recovery – Promotes easier backups because everything can be saved somewhere, allowing for quick recovery in other hosts if a few hosts are down. This is almost impossible with physical servers, which must be revived before services can resume.

We have been designing & implementing virtual Infrastructure since the early days. We specialise in both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-v virtualisation technologies in both Private, Shared, Public cloud model. We are your one stop shop for all virtualisation requirement. Whether its implementing a private virtual platform or a shared virtual platform, we can help you with your journey.

Virtual Technologies that we have extensive experience with
# Vmware Horizon View
# Vmware Site Recovery Manager
# Vmware Vsphere
# VRealize Automation
# VRealize Operations
# VMware VSan
# Vsphere Replication Appliance
# Microsoft Hyper-v