Software Audit

Software audit are an irritating and time consuming part of life. Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, IBM, SAP & other large software developers regularly audit their customers to confirm that customer’s licensing practise aligns with the vendor’s requirement.
The use of enterprise level software packages is governed by complex licence agreements defined by the vendor that explains who can use the software, how they use it, what computer equipment the software can be installed on, whether it’s based on concurrent or named users or computer, what software it can interface with, amongst possible other terms and conditions.

The penalties for not complying to the software licence terms and conditions, whether deliberate or inadvertent can be very costly. Stories of deliberate and illegal software breaches can sometime make the media.

Through our software audit services, we can help you identify if there are any licensing gap in your infrastructure. We use industry leading software techniques that uses powerful, agentless device discovery utilising

  • Native WMI for Windows & SSH for BSD & Mac
  • SNMP for network devices like routers, switches
  • Native discovery for popular hypervisor & their guest VMs, cloud platforms, blades
  • Application dependant discovery identifies application dependencies

We can setup a virtual appliance in your environment that can automate all the above auditing tasks periodically which can help your business with

  • License Compliance – identifies over license, under license, expired license scenarios
  • Standard Maintenance – Generates lists of approved and prohibited software
  • Cost Measurement – Track licensing costs and how to improve licensing costs
  • Track licensing Agreement – Allows you to track licensing agreement expiry dates

And much more

Give us a call if you have been audited recently and want to make sure that your business complies with vendor requirement.