Security Audit

Information Technology Security Management is an essential part of any organisation’s key responsibility. It is necessary to protect the confidentiality & integrity of a business and that is exactly what our security audit focuses on, identifies security gap and minimises the possibility of security breaches.


We focus on your organisation’s security management principal, security practices & compare them with Australian IT security framework & best practice standards. A good IT security management requires the development and implementation of an IT security control framework that is designed to minimise risks.


To provide a comprehensive audit for our customer’s information security management, we ensure that the following reviews are performed prior to the execution of the information security management review and that appropriate governance be placed on these assessments:

  • Identity management – We look at your current identity management system & procedure
  • Security incident management – We set incident management procedure based on business continuity plan
  • Network perimeter security – We audit and provide guidance on Network Security based on current security technology trend and business requirement.
  • Systems development – We audit and provide guidance on System deployment practise
  • Project management – We identify security gap in project management procedures and tasks.
  • IT risk management – We audit and provide guidance on IT risk management