Hardware & Network Audit

Hardware & Network Audit is the most important part of an infrastructure’s maintenance routine. This process should generally keep a log of all the Physical, virtual servers, network devices, printers, peripherals, routers, switches, their associated configuration & life-cycle information.


We can organise such audits for organization either on an ADHOC basis or on a regular basis. To get a regular audit report we utilise industry leading software that runs in your environment in a virtual infrastructure that periodically polls to all physical hardware. The software then formats the data and keeps the data in a database server for you to view and examine.


Implementing a solution like this not only makes your Engineer’s auditing job a breeze but the system can also alert you for any hardware & network issues automatically.

If you are due for a hardware refresh program, give us a call for a comprehensive audit service for your hardware and network platform so we can show you how our service can add value to your refresh program.