Cost Audit

In most IT organisations, infrastructure is purchased during new projects or as part of hardware lifecycle management. Coupled with no governance policy and cowboy sys engineers over the years will lead most organisations owning more infrastructure than they actually require. This leads to higher expenditure than operational requirement.

A Cost audit usually gets initiated because organisations wants to identify cost savings. Most Organisation utilising our Cost Audit Service finds that 2 out of the 7 of their servers were underused or idle. These idle resources can easily be re-purposed if identified. Along with the idle resources we also look at the operating costs these idle resources add to the business.

Our audit identifies infrastructure in use VS infrastructure utilised.

We use industry leading Audit analysis tool that integrates with most of the leading Monitoring platform i.e. CA Unicenter, Microsoft SCOM or MOM, Tivoli. We can otherwise utilise OS supplied tools to collect necessary data and feed that data in our auditing tool to produce auditing report.

Our 6 step process are

  • Initial consultation with you on business requirements
  • Gather information of current issues & process in place
  • Audit current infrastructure
  • Analyse report & identify cost saving options
  • Construct recommended course of action
  • Evaluate recommendation and implementation strategies
  • Review your future IT budget goals as per projected growth

A side benefit of the audit is that we implement a reporting suite for you, which provides a number of summary documents that identify resources: free disk space, CPU and memory. It also provided application level reports that consolidated all resources in use by a specified application into a single document, fully automating all reports and delivering them to you through either email or SharePoint.